School vacation and we have lots of snow

IMG_0699 - CopyThursday night we had the storm of the winter. It was predicted and that is a good thing as it causes people to stay home and off the roads. One of my tenants is due to have a baby and she was afraid it would come in the middle of the storm.  I went over and plowed late Tuesday night.  Not a soul on the road except me and the Town truck.    In fact I had to drop the blade going down the hill so I would be able to get back up.  Friday morning we had to call out the big gun to plow the driveway as the drift by the gate was 4 feet high and heavy snow. Plowing - windy Hill styleBaby did not arrive and a good thing it was as it took an hour and a half to even get the regular plow out of the barn.

The cross country skiing is excellent. Good base and good cover. Maggie loves going skiing but sometimes thinks we are a little slow. DSCF0007

So far we have seen rabbit tracks, coyote tracks, squirrel and one lone moose. The woodpeckers have been very active.  Plenty of bugs in all the dead trees. DSCF0004

The Valley is filled with young skiers.  More snow tonight for powder skiing tomorrow.


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B&B concierge, farmer, hiker, skier, general all-around outdoor person
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1 Response to School vacation and we have lots of snow

  1. Crooked Tracks says:

    Hurray for snow and skiing 🙂

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