-12 degrees

Hurray! The ground is covered with lovely snow, more than we have had at this time of year in many years.IMG_0683  Downhill skiing is good but cross country skiing was really good last weekend.  A little chilly around the edges but manageable with a face mask. There was finally enough snow for the big groomer to make the trip around the East Pasture  Trail, my favorite of the whole local system.  The snow IMG_0693was soft and trackable(new word). I skied up to the scenic vista and then around the Windy Hill fields and thru the biathlon range.  It was so peaceful, no wind and maybe four other skiers. Maggie went with me.  She is the original snow dog, part Samoyed and part white Shepherd, follows right behind me until it is time to turn around for home and then she is off like a shot, like come on slowpoke let’s get a move on here. It is supper dish time.

IMG_0694 - CopyThe cows are not quite as enthusiastic. They don’t like deep snow. It is hard work for them to walk through it. The cold doesn’t bother unless it is wet too. The snow stacked on their backs tells you how well insulating their hair is.

I am not seeing any moose tracks this winter.  The section of trail to the left is usually loaded with moose tracks but the population is decreasing drastically.  Maybe all this cold will kill off some of the winter ticks which have been hard on the moose in recent warm years.


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