Oh, Christmas tree..

This year’s Christmas tree had stamina. From the day it was cut in early December until the middle of April not a needle was shed. You still have your Christmas tree up, visitors asked? Well, yes, I replied.  I like the lights. Finally in February the tree moved outside but I couldn’t bear to just throw it on the dump.  It was still green and bushy so I stuck it in a snow bank where it seemed to be happy. And it stayed, and stayed, moving from snow bank to snowbank. until the  last snow bank melted in April. Even then it was green and perky so we put it in a pail of water.  Lately I notice some needles falling but I would say we got maximum mileage out of our local tree.


About windyhillx

B&B concierge, farmer, hiker, skier, general all-around outdoor person
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