Blueberry Pie for Breakfast

You know how it is. Holidays are for eating.  Sunday we went to a friend’s house that I used to visit frequently in years past for some memorable meals. As the years add up it gets harder to plan and cook for 12 people but at the last minute my friend’s daughter said why don’t you and Bob come.  It will just be 4 and we know you are very informal.I know they always cook enough for the multitudes. I volunteered to bring the dessert. Dessert should be easy, right?  A few apples and some topping. However, I had been bugging my son for the past two weeks to get his books in order so I could do his tax return(CPA in real life).  I guess he felt Sunday morning was a good time to do this with my help because he showed up at 10, computer in hand. He uses accounts receivable and I don’t so it took me awhile to figure out where the problems were with Q books;  up to him to solve them. 2 hours later the books were balanced and the crisp was in the oven, not without a few traces of apple on the keyboard.

The dinner was delicious and we came home laden with enough food for several days including a large untouched blueberry pie owed to Bob for some chores he did for them. For two people to eat a large pie takes a little doing especially since it is best fresh. I thought I would get a head start on the project. .


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