Maybe winter is here!

Finally- enough snow to cover the trails.  Enough snow to groom and even better, enough snow to ski, downhill and cross country.  Whew! thought maybe it wouldn’t happen this year. Sure, we had a little rain today to add to the acres of ice we already have. Three crashes yesterday that I know about but no broken bones. One of them was me.  I was foolish enough to try walking on ice with an inch of snow on it instead of walking where I knew there was dirt underneath.  Momentary lack of focus and boom. It happens so fast you wonder why the snow is falling on your face instead of the top of your hat. One squashed kiwi but the rest of the groceries survived.  Anyway, the driveway on the north side of the barn, which does not receive sun at this time of year, would make an ideal skating rink. I didn’t even consider plowing with the truck but instead chose the Ford tractor with chains on all four wheels. Image

Maggie loves the snow and comes with built in creepers on her paws. But even she is sliding around.


About windyhillx

B&B concierge, farmer, hiker, skier, general all-around outdoor person
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