So soon?

October 30 and 7 inches of snow lies on the ground. Some of the new calves have seen snow but most haven’t and it is fun to watch them stick their noses in the white stuff that looks like yogurt but doesn’t smell like it. What is all this stuff that is hiding our food?

Our new tail-wagger, a white shepherd/Samoyed mix from North Carolina,  is delighted with the white stuff, having spent the whole summer languishing in the heat. She runs fast and far and then comes back to say, hey, look at me run. I am the fastest runner around. Then she collapses in a snow bank for a nap.

The farm is not caught by surprise.  The hay machinery is put away, the plow is handy, the generator works, and the snow blower is almost fixed.

Does any one know why there are so few acorns this year? I hear it happened down south in 2008.  No acorns.  Why?


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B&B concierge, farmer, hiker, skier, general all-around outdoor person
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