Winter is here

Winter has arrived in the north country of NH and even with snow tires and 4-wheel drive I couldnt make it up the hills. Ski areas are making snow like crazy and everyone is digging out their winter sports gear. The cows are unhappy about leaving the shelter of the barn. They don’t like snow on their noses. Herefords are better at foraging than angus. The latter stand around waiting to be fed. Pretty soon it will be time to pull the electric fence.


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2 Responses to Winter is here

  1. Hi, thanks for calling in and leaving a comment. Seems like winter round your way is a pretty serious deal – do you pull the electric fence because it shorts in the snow or because the animals just don’t feel inclined to wander? looking forward to keeping up to date with life in New Hampshire!

    • windyhillx says:

      It’s a touchy situation. XC skiers use the field in winter and the posts could be dangerous. Trust one of the skiers to run into one. If I wait too long, the ground is frozen and I can’t get the posts out. On the other hand the cows will graze a little. Most important, if the cows are out they are doing the manure spreading instead of me having to shovel out the barn. Barn stays drier, less work for me. It’s a balancing act. The fence doesn’t short out but it may not have a good enough ground to produce a good shock. And then if it is buried in snow it is not worth much in the way of a deterrant. One year the cows got out, discovered the groomed xc trail and thot that was just great. Hummmm.

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